Privacy Policy

I n    b r i e f:

Archelaus will not share your personal information with third parties except under extremely limited and unavoidable circumstances. Archelaus will not sell, rent, or trade your personal information to anyone under any circumstances.

A n d    i n    d e t a i l:

When will Archelaus share personal information? The only circumstances under which Archelaus will share personal information with third parties are the following: 1) if a customer orders products from Archelaus, we must inevitably share that customer's name and address with a delivery service to fulfill the order; 2) likewise, we must process all credit-card payments and credit invoices through our merchant account with ProPay; 3) if compelled by search warrant, subpoena, or court order, we will reveal such personal information as is lawfully demanded; 4) if a customer becomes involved in a legal and/or billing dispute with Archelaus, we may have to share that individual's personal information with our attorneys and/or bill collectors; 5) if Archelaus reasonably suspects someone of engaging in criminal activity, we reserve the right to share that individual's personal information with the appropriate law-enforcement authorities.

What personal information does Archelaus collect, and why? Archelaus collects names, e-mail addresses, and postal addresses to communicate with customers and potential customers, and to fulfill orders. Archelaus collects order information to facilitate internal analysis of our marketing strategies. Archelaus also collects credit card information to secure payment for orders but will not retain this information without your explicit consent.

What other similar information does Archelaus collect, and why? Archelaus automatically receives and records your IP address on our server logs when you visit our website. The server logs also record which pages on our site you visit. We do not collate this information with your personal information, however, and we use it only in the aggregate to analyze the public's use of our website.

What about cookies? To function, our shopping cart requires that your computer accept a session cookie. The session cookie contains nothing more than a session ID number to distinguish you from other visitors who may be browsing our site at the same time. As this cookie contains no personally identifying information, no third party can use anything in it to identify you. Moreover, it will expire at the end of your session in the browser, or twenty-four minutes after your last click, whichever comes first.

Can I have my name removed from Archelaus's mailing list? Of course. Simply notify us that you do not wish to receive further mailings.