The Wail of the Wombat

Or, How a Deranged Marsupial Saved My Marriage!

by Sir Walford Higglestaff

An exciting tale of Cold War intrigue in the Antipodes, Sir Walford's picaresque memoir of his manic career as an agent for Australian intelligence careens from Canberra, where he apprehends incontinent Soviet spies while undercover as a public-restroom attendant, to Christchurch, where he recovers the fabled Chaste Diamond of Baluchistan from a nest of half-crazed New Zealanders, and back again, all while chronicling his troubled marriage to the alluring Nikolina, a reformed Bulgarian assassin turned intrepid field zoologist, whose obsession with combating a deadly new disease rampant in the wombat burrows of Tasmania, at the expense of picking up the dry cleaning, threatens to render her husband significantly less dapper than his top-secret job requires. Highly recommended.

Available soon in hardcover or paperback from Flibbertigibbet Press, a wholly owned subsidiary of Archelaus, producer of fine cards since October 2005 (in case that impresses anyone).

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