The Eye of Ksera

The Eye of Ksera

Tales from Ondiran, Book One

By Sedigitus Swift

It's hard to hide from a sorceress—as Colmar, a reluctant soldier of fortune, discovers after crossing the distinctly dangerous Valdira over a powerful magical artifact, the Eye of Ksera. To add to his troubles, a sinister necromancer, a grasping abbess, and an undead sorceress-queen all have this tantalizing treasure in their sights, as well!

Indeed, the Eye is an ill-fated gem that has cost the lives of many who have sought to possess it over the centuries. Who will survive this briskly paced adventure in a quirky world with two moons and five different systems of magic? Who will emerge from it with the Eye?

And, nearly as important, who will end up with custody of Angvar, the necromancer's crested green lizard?

ISBN: 978-1-961852-01-3 (paperback)
Cut size: 5.25" x 8"
Length: 184 pages

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