Dr. Hurlbutt's Highly Peculiar Desk Calendar for 2022

Dr. Hurlbutt's Highly Peculiar Desk Calendar for 2022

A mildly renowned authority on all things peculiar, Dr. Allardyce Hurlbutt provides your daily infusion of weird, obscure, significant, and/or infuriating facts!

Which English king criminalized alchemy? Which Roman emperor was strangled in his bath by his personal trainer? Which city in India celebrates Bastille Day? Who won when crossbowmen faced off against war elephants in tenth-century China? Who sued the makers of the first vampire movie in 1922? What went wrong when Iran tried to set a record for history’s biggest sandwich? What is choreomania and when did it strike the German city of Aachen? When was SPAM® luncheon meat first placed on the market and how much did it cost per can? How much was Jane Austen paid for Pride and Prejudice? You will find the answers to all these urgent questions (and hundreds more) in this year’s calendar!

Trigger warning: Contains reality-based material that may offend sensitive right-wing Republicans! Click here for a peek inside!

The title-page illustration is from an advertisement for Egyptian Deities cigarettes that appeared in Life, 2 July 1903.

4¼ x 5½ x 1½ calendar (10.8 x 14.0 x 3.8 cm).

Printed in U.S.A. on acid-free paper.

Product code: CAL-2022

Price:  $19.95