Picture of a dockside auction, c. 1810


Archelaus is an excitingly disruptive presence in the staid greeting-card marketplace. Among our many diverting greeting cards, our notorious checkbox cards have been particularly successful, while our witty blank notecards and rather odd postcards are also solid sellers. But don't just take our word for it — we have authentic, unsolicited testimonials!

• From the Copenhaver stationery store here in Washington, DC: "I had one customer buy 17 [of your] cards and the next day one bought 23!"

• From Montague, Massachusetts, just eight days after our first shipment reached her, the card buyer for the Montague Bookmill called to reorder, exclaiming, "The first order I got from you almost literally blew out the door, with many different people!" She had been certain, she confided, that the cards would do well, "but not that well!"

• From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the general manager of Big Blue Marble Bookstore emailed us her fifth order, observing: "Your cards are outselling all others we have carried. What is wrong with these people?"

• From far-off South Melbourne, Australia, the owner of Paperpoint noted (while submitting her fifth order): "I'm so glad to hear that we are a top customer. I knew that these cards [would] appeal to the Aussie sense of humour – they have been a big hit."

• And, of course, there is always this priceless exchange, overheard a few years ago at Washington's fashionable Eastern Market:

Younger teenaged girl (sounding surprised): These cards are really FUNNY.
Older teenaged girl (firmly correcting her): These cards are HYSTERICAL.

So, are you a fine merchant who would like to carry Archelaus cards? Nothing could be easier! (Well, not many things.) Actually, there are several possible ways for you to proceed. Depending on your location, you may be able contact one of our distinguished sales representatives:

  Donna Dillingham

  Anita Hageman

  Donna Dillingham (area code 413 only)

New Hampshire:
  Michaeline Kadlub (southwest portion)

  Michaeline Kadlub

  Richard Walters (excluding the northern suburbs)

  Dan Casey (Seattle & points south, plus the Kitsap Peninsula)
  Katie Casey (North of Seattle plus eastern Washington)

West Virginia:
  Richard Walters

Failing that, you may seek assistance in-house from one of our friendly customer service minions. Or, if you are a real self-starter, you may consult our wholesale catalog (15.5 MB in pdf format) online, fill in a wholesale order form, and mail it to us at:

P.O. Box 4942
Washington, D.C. 20008

(Or just scan it and email it to minion@archelaus-cards.com.)

Anyway, here are a few further points of possible interest:

Wholesale Discount: Wholesale buyers receive a 50% discount from the suggested retail price.

Wholesale Quantities and Restrictions: Individual cards are sold by the half-dozen, boxes by the quarter-dozen. Please note that our retail "unboxed sets of 8" are not available for wholesale purchase.

Wholesale Packaging: All individual cards (except postcards) come packaged, with their envelopes, in soft, clear-plastic sleeves to protect them from becoming shopworn. Boxed cards come in sturdy, clear-plastic containers.

New Accounts: A fully pre-paid order is generally required to establish an account with Archelaus. For delivery within the District of Columbia, you must also provide a D.C. Certificate of Resale (FR-368).

Payment: We accept checks, as well as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Please make all checks payable to "Archelaus."

Credit: Existing accounts in good standing are eligible for Net 30 terms (except international accounts; see below).

Minimum Orders: The minimum initial order is $40. There is no minimum re-order, but we assess a $5 handling fee on re-orders under $40.

Shipping: Shipping is free on domestic orders over $100 that have been pre-paid by check or money order. Shipping of Net 30 orders and prepaid credit-card orders is charged at actual cost. Archelaus ships by USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise requested.

Returns: Please inspect all merchandise upon delivery to ensure that you have received all products ordered in satisfactory condition. Archelaus accepts returns only for damage incurred during shipment, for overshipments, and for defective merchandise. Contact Archelaus within 3 business days of receiving your shipment to explain the reason for your return.

International Orders: Archelaus welcomes international orders but can accept payment only in U.S. dollars. All international orders must be pre-paid, and the customer is liable for any customs duties.

Free advertising: If you decide to carry Archelaus cards, we will be happy to add you to our online list of retailers, along with your address, contact information, and a link to your website or Facebook page.