The Amazing Moa Murder Mystery

Or, Love and Death Among the Extinct!

by Cordelia Camenbert

The latest perplexing installment in Ms. Camenbert's renowned Inspector Orpington series, this gripping page-turner unfolds in the small New Zealand town of Featherston, where Professor Mandrake, a visiting paleo-ornithologist, is found dead after he uncovers startling evidence that the otherwise respectable townspeople have descended into hedonistic worship of the huge, flightless birds that ruled the primeval islands prior to the arrival of the Maori some 600 to 800 years ago. Inspector Orpington struggles to find the truth about this strange cult, the gruesome murder of Professor Mandrake, and the real intentions of the seductive schoolteacher, Morag MacDingle, who keeps asking him to tie her naked to the lone tree atop a nearby hill. Can he solve the mystery and still preserve his virtue?

Available soon in hardcover or paperback from Flibbertigibbet Press, a wholly owned subsidiary of Archelaus, producer of fine cards since October 2005 (in case that impresses anyone).

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