The Bread and Water Diet

30 Days to a Slimmer, Trimmer You!

by Dr. Mieczyslaw Grodecki

For hundreds of years, prisoners the world over have successfully lost weight by subsisting on bread and water. Now you can too! Renowned penal dietician Dr. Mieczyslaw Grodecki of the Weight Loss Institute in Cracow, Poland, reveals how easy it is to shed those surplus pounds by tapping into the diet secrets of the world's oldest prisons. And the best part is -- it's all-natural! No pills, no dangerous drugs! The bread and water diet is guaranteed to show results in thirty days, or your money back. Includes sixteen recipes for special low-nutrient breads, including acorn flatbread, the Russian thistle baguette, and sawdust sourdough.

Available soon in hardcover or paperback from Flibbertigibbet Press, a wholly owned subsidiary of Archelaus, producer of fine cards since October 2005 (in case that impresses anyone).

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