Curse of the Chihuahua Woman

by Ramon Diego Suarez

Translated by Dr. Allardyce Hurlbutt

This chillingly gothic tale by one of Mexico's leading pulp novelists describes the fatal fascination exerted upon four well-born young men by a mysteriously diminutive lady lawyer with a slight overbite and oddly protruding eyes, who enveigles them into a life of sin, depravity, and degradation with her hallucinagenic tacos, raw tequila, and free legal advice. As each man loses his fortune, sinks deeper into despair, and teeters on the brink of madness, he realizes, too late, that he has been marked for death by the legendary evil spirit of Pepita the Chihuahua Woman.

Available soon in hardcover or paperback from Flibbertigibbet Press, a wholly owned subsidiary of Archelaus, producer of fine cards since October 2005 (in case that impresses anyone).

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