Cartoon of a dragon chasing a little girl.


A repository for some of our older, discontinued, but still worthy projects.

Ruination & Despair

From 2008 to 2012 we did our best to maintain a blog called Ruination & Despair. Although its primary purpose was to keep our customers informed about mundane business matters (a function now assumed by our Facebook page), the blog often touched on more entertaining questions. Upon discontinuing it, we thus opted to preserve what we deemed of enduring interest.

The Archelaus Gallery

Consisting of various Archelaus images:

Flibbertigibbet Press

Blurbs for some allegedly upcoming books:

Lawyer Jokes Etcetera

A previous incarnation of this diverting collection used to be Google's fourth-ranked lawyer-joke site.

Dr. Hurlbutt's Highly Peculiar Online Calendar

Dr. Hurlbutt maintained this delightful assemblage of peculiar facts, holidays, and anniversaries from 2005 to 2011, but all things must pass.