The Great Depression in Cartoons, Part 7:
Miscellaneous Drawings from 1931

Posted on Friday, February 13, 2009, at 8:56 am, by Cadwalader Crabtree.

Up to now, I have been arranging the posts in this series thematically, but Life published so many interesting and relevant cartoons in 1931 that I cannot bring myself to omit all of those that did not happen to fit somewhere else.

There is, for example, no way I am leaving out this cartoon by William Crawford Young from July 17, 1931.

'This model, gentlemen, will end the depression.' Cartoon by William Crawford Young from Life, July 17, 1931.

Presumably this cartoon by Chester L. Garde from January 23, 1931, did not speak to the wounded pride of stock brokers alone.

'Broker: Your honor, he asked me why I didn't save my money when I had it.' Cartoon by Chester L. Garde from Life, January 23, 1931.

This cartoon by Ralph Fuller appeared on March 20, 1931.

'What's th' economic trend to-day, dad?' Cartoon by Ralph Fuller from Life, March 20, 1931.

The next three cartoons revisit a theme that has already surfaced here and there in earlier posts:  wealthy people finding themselves in reduced circumstances. The first of them appeared on January 9, 1931. Unfortunately I cannot make out the full signature, although the last name is clearly “Roberts.”

Cartoon by 'Roberts' from Life, January 9, 1931.

This one by William Steig appeared on August 7, 1931 . . .

'How about that dime you owe me, sir?' Cartoon by William Steig from Life, August 7, 1931.

. . . as did this one by Ralph Fuller. The extravagant theatrical revues known as the Ziegfeld Follies were famous for their chorus girls. The last production closed three months after this cartoon appeared, one more victim of the Great Depression.

'What, son, a Follies girl? Splendid!' Cartoon by Ralph Fuller from Life, August 7, 1931.

Finally, this cartoon by C. W. Anderson is one I should have included in Part Two: Prosperity is just around the corner. It was published on August 7, 1931.

'Yes, Jim, what we need is confidence!' Cartoon by C. W. Anderson from Life, August 7, 1931.

Next time, Life’s cartoonists celebrate Christmas 1931!